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System Requirements

Supported Platforms

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Chromebooks
  • Apple iOS iPad
  • Android Tablets

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Internet Speed

  • Minimum 6 mbps download, 1 mbps upload
  • Best experience: 10 Mbps, 5 mbps upload (or more)

Unsupported Platforms

  • Mobile phones

Unsupported Browsers

  • Explorer
  • Opera
  • Edge

Display Resolution

  • Best experience: 1280×1080
  • Minimum: 1024×768

Supported Image Formats

JPG and HEIC for photos, backgrounds; PNG for clipart with transparency. Learn more in the Candid Photo Management article.

Note: New operating systems, browser versions and devices are constantly being made available, and Pixami is committed to providing compatibility with the most popular platforms. If you have any questions about a specific device or operating environment, please contact Studio Source Yearbooks support. IMPORTANT! For the best software performance you need to have a reliable high-speed Internet connection.

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