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Content Management

Pixami includes the ability for advisers to limit the types of decorative content displayed in the page editor editor. This is useful if the adviser wants to limit student designers to only use certain layouts, fonts and other decoration collections.

The Configure Tab

Click on the Configure tab to limit or broaden the number of themes, backgrounds, fonts, clip art and/or elements available while working in the edtior.

Click on one of the categories at the top of the page to select the category to update. The list of items will be all checked, all unchecked or selectively checked.

To make all items in the category visible, either check all or uncheck all.
To show only selected items, checkmark each separately.

Click the Save button on the right side of the screen to update your choices.

The next time any one on your team launches a section in the editor, your new content selection choices will be available.

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