Why should you host a Value Proposition Workshop?

Over my 22 year career I’ve been with 4 different companies who supply products such as yearbooks, graduation products, awards and photography. In each of those companies, I realized that only the sales team and the marketing team were the people in the company that truly understood the value being given to customers. Why? Because that’s what their job was – marketing and selling the value every single day.

You and your employees get caught up in the day-to-day grind of whatever tasks you’re assigned to do that day and most of the people on your staff have never heard the sales pitch. What messaging is your marketing department building for your sales people? What are the value props that make your company so great?

It’s time for a Value Prop Workshop with your entire staff! Take the time, to make sure everyone on your staff knows why schools work with you. Why are you different? What are you providing your competitors aren’t? What are the sales people pitching to prospects?

The value prop workshop is important to your team so they take more pride in what they are doing for the organization. Not everyone needs to know how to sell, but everyone does need to know why your company is that much better!

    Matt Baltes
    National Sales Manager at Studio Source Yearbooks

Value Prop Workshop Doc

Curious about what to cover in a Value Props Workshop?
We’ve compiled a list of topics to help get you started. 

Download the Value Prop Workshop Topics Guide

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