Image Resolution

The recommended image resolution for images used in books is 300 DPI at the desired size. For instance, if the desired image size on the page is 2.0″ x 2.0″, the recommended resolution would be 600 DPI x 600 DPI.

By default, Yearbook Fusion will generate image resolution warnings if the user attempts to use an image that is below 250 DPI at the desired size. This warning will be in the form of a yellow triangle per the image below. Images below 250 DPI but above 150 DPI will generally print ok, however, you should first attempt to re-size the image or replace the image with a high resolution image if possible.

If the image resolution is below 150 DPI, a red warning triangle will appear on the image (see below). The program will not allow you to send the book to print with images below 150 DPI. These will have to be re-sized or replaced.

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