Why should you add a Donate-a-Book option?

At Studio Source Yearbooks, we believe every student should be able to experience the excitement that comes with opening their school’s yearbook for the first time. Every student should be able to look back and reminisce on the events and experiences from their school year. We realize how important this is – especially for graduating students. We also realize that every school community has families who do not have the means to purchase a yearbook for their children.

That’s why the Studio Source Yearbooks’ e-commerce platform allows schools to add a “Donate-a-Book” option when setting up school stores. This option can be promoted to local businesses, alumni, and current school families.

Donated books are included in the school’s total book order count, and when books are received, advisers can distribute the donated books based on need.


A “Yearbook for All Students” promotion by the school, together with the Donate-a-Book option, can even result in 100% of students getting a yearbook.

Adding Donate-a-Book to your schools store(s) is as easy as checking a box on the setup screen:

and it’s easy for the school community to Donate-a-Book from the school store website.

If you decide you would like to add this option to your school yearbook online store and promote it, the following is sample promotional copy you can use:

Download Sample Promotional Copy

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