Why offer a personalization option?

Over the past 2 years, we have worked with some of our largest customers to test adding “Name on Cover” as an option for over 1,000 school stores. The positive financial impact for these customers has been significant.

With a price to parents of $5 – $6/book, and an average order quantity of 215 books, the take rate for Name on Cover was 36%! That means 77 parents on average at each school, purchased this option.

It’s easy to add this option to your school stores and there is no additional work for you.

Here is a screen shot of where you choose this option when setting up your store(s). It’s important to add it as an “opt-out” option. If added as an “opt-in” option, the take rate falls to 16%.

We take it from there…

  1. Our e-commerce system keeps track of who has added this option and sales reports include this information.
  2. Our design team creates personalized covers to match the look and feel of the school’s cover (see Personalized Covers Look Book for examples).
  3. Advisers are sent the covers PDF for review and approval.
  4. Personalized cover books are packaged in their own shipping boxes by teacher/grade and marked as personalized for easy distribution.

That’s it!

personalization option checkboxes

Contact our support team if you need any assistance adding a personalized book option to your yearbook offerings.

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