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What is a clipart collection?

Instead of offering individual pieces of clipart, the content catalog includes bundled coordinated collections. This saves you the hassle of tracking down dozens of individual files to work on a themed page.

A clipart collection will download to your computer as a single a .zip archive file that, when unzipped, will contain individual .png files for each graphic, as well as a single “snapshot” of the entire collection. All clipart will have a transparent area around the graphic itself.

Upload the individual files (minus the collection snapshot) to your yearbook software.  You’ll be able to drag & drop the individual graphics onto your pages and resize them. If you only need one item in the collection, then simply upload that particular file to your software and ignore the rest.

Alphabet and number collections work in exactly the same way – these are not fonts, but .png graphics to be used as individual images dragged onto your page, one letter/number at a time. These are useful for making elaborate titles on your cover or interior pages.

TIP: Remember to delete the graphics from your computer once you’ve uploaded them
to your yearbook software to keep your download folder clutter free.

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