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Review the following checklist from the proof approval form.
This is the same list you will be asked to sign off on when you approve your digital proof during the final proofing process so it is best to review it now to make sure you’ve not missed anything:

  • Correct fonts were used.
  • All text is spaced properly.
  • All text is formatted and aligned correctly.
  • All wording/phrasing is typed correctly.
  • All names are spelled correctly.
  • There are no other spelling or punctuation errors.
  • Backgrounds are properly placed as a page background, not as an image frame.
  • All design elements (headers, clipart, backgrounds etc) are EXACTLY correct.
  • All students are included.
  • All classes are included.
  • Any/all 2-page spreads with a continuous image spanning both pages appear correctly.
  • All desired graphics and text elements have been included.