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Welcome to Pixami

Welcome to Pixami

This software uses the latest HTML5 web-based application technology to make creating your school yearbook fun and easy, while also offering a broad selection of features and creative tools. And since it’s completely online, you can login and work on your yearbook from anywhere!

The basic process for creating your yearbook will involve defining the book using a planning ladder and then designing individual sections using a robust set of page design tools. You’ll be able to combine templates, photos, text, clip art and other elements into custom designed, finished sections.

Multiple users can collaborate on the yearbook simultaneously, each working on their own sections. Finished sections will be checked into an adviser for review. The adviser can then approve or reject each section, with online comments and interaction.

Once all sections of your yearbook have been created and approved, the yearbook will be ready for print! You will submit your book to the Studio Source Yearbooks dashboard, where you’ll begin the proofing process. After your book has been approved, your studio will place the order.

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