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The Yearbook Ladder

Using the Yearbook Ladder

It’s helpful to plan and organize your yearbook ‘off-line’ before you get started with the software. You can download a paper version of a book ladder from here. You can then use the yearbook ladder to easily set up your yearbook in the same fashion.

The Yearbook Planning Ladder, located on the left side of the Yearbook page, is a valuable tool that graphically illustrates all of the pages of your yearbook, arranged into sections as they will appear in the finished book, with page numbers.

The ladder helps you organize the book and determine the overall number of pages needed. In the case of a collaborative effort, the planning ladder can also be used to allow individual users to work on different sections of the book.

The Section View (located on the right side of the Yearbook page), displays a current thumbnail version of each section in the book, and provides shortcut access to key functionality.

TIP: Clicking on a section in the Yearbook Ladder will scroll that section into view in the Section View.

The Yearbook page is accessible by users with Adviser, Editor and Staff privileges. If you don’t see the Yearbook button on the Navigation Bar, you have not been provided access.

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