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The Portrait Wizard

Using the Portrait Wizard

After you’ve uploaded your portraits from the PSPA, it’s time to create your Panel Pages, or Portrait Pages. It’s recommended that you use the Portrait Wizard. The Portrait Wizard will automate the design of your pages, and manage the placement of portraits.

Once your portrait pages have been created, you can choose to make changes and add design elements using the same advanced tools available for your candid photo layouts.

TIP: Before you start building your portrait pages it’s helpful to have a basic idea of how many portraits you will have in the section, and how many portraits you would like on each page.

You should then create a new section for your book with the appropriate number of pages. It’s ok to add extra pages just in case, which you can delete later.

It is generally easier to work with many small sections instead of fewer large sections.

When you’re ready to get started, click Edit on the Yearbook page to open the appropriate section into the Advanced Design page. Then click on the Portrait Wizard icon, on the Portraits tab.

Selecting Your Photos

When you click on Portrait Wizard, the Select Portrait Folders dialog will open. Here you can select the folder, or folders, of portraits that you would like to flow into the section. To select a folder, drag it from the left pane to the right pane. You can flow as many portraits as you’d like into a single section.

When you’re finished, click OK. The Portrait Wizard dialog will open.

Saved Settings

The Portrait Wizard allows you to easily build and modify your panel pages, while viewing your changes in real time. It also allows you to save and manage your portrait page settings, to simplify page creation and management.

Each time you launch the Portrait Wizard, your most recently used settings will be applied. If you have not yet saved any settings, you will be prompted to create a new settings file.

Basic or Advanced Mode

The Portrait Wizard has two different modes of use: Basic mode provides the most popular standard layouts and features and is most suitable for novice users, or users that want to quickly create basic portrait pages. Features in Advanced mode allow for more detailed customization of your panel pages. Don’t worry – you can switch back and forth between these modes based on your needs!

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