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The Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar provides access to all of the features in the software.

Main features are organized on five different pages, which will be available to you based on the permissions granted by your adviser or administrator. Depending on your permissions you may see buttons for some or all of the major functions, each of which is described below. The Users section of this document describes the permission levels required to view each of the main features.

  • The Activity Page
    • The Activity page is the main dashboard page that you see when you log into the software. The Activity page provides information about the book and overall progress.
  • The Yearbook Page
    • The Yearbook page allows you to set up and organize your yearbook using a planning ladder, arrange and modify individual sections, assign sections to different users, and check out sections for editing.
  • The Users Page
    • The Users page allows you to add users to the site and modify their permissions.
  • The Photos Page
    • The Photos page allows you to add and organize candid and portrait photos and clip art for your yearbook.
  • Help Video
    • Click the Help Video link at the top of each page of the software for a video overview of the main features on each page. TIP: We recommend that new users of the software watch the Help Video tutorial at the top of each page. This is a great way to learn the software quickly!
  • Help
    • Click Help to view any current help or warning messages from the software. A message indicator will appear when there is a new help message.
  • Logout
    • Click Logout to exit and log out of the software.
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