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Section Status Column

From the Yearbook Ladder users can Check Out and work on individual sections of the book. Once they are finished with their page designs, they can Mark the Section Complete, which will submit it to an adviser for review. The adviser can then either Approve the section as finished, or Reject the section with a comment. Once all sections have been approved, the book is considered complete and can be ordered. During this process, the status of each section may change regularly.

The Status column next to a section shows the current status for that section, and whether or not it is available for editing by each user. There are four different section statuses:

  • In Progress
    • A status of In Progress means the section has been started but not completed. If you have been given Editor or Staff privileges and are assigned to this section, you will see a Check out for editing button. You can click on Check out for editing to check out this section and work on its design.
  • Checked Out
    • A status of Checked Out means the section is currently being edited by someone, and cannot be modified by anyone else. Only one person at a time can check out and work on a section. However, multiple sections can be checked out by different users at the same time. If you are an adviser you can click Force Check-In to force the section to be checked in, if you know it is not currently being worked on. The section will be saved and then checked in, where it will then be available for editing.
  • Complete
    • A status of Complete means the section has been submitted and is waiting for an adviser to review it and provide feedback. In order to mark a section as complete, click the Mark Complete button. This will send an email to each Adviser letting them know that the section has been completed. Once you Complete a section, you will not be able to make any changes to the section until it has been Rejected by an Adviser and once again shows a status of In Progress.
  • Reviewed
    • A status of Reviewed means the section has been reviewed and approved by an adviser, and is ready to be printed when the other sections are complete. You will not be able to make any additional changes to the section unless it is Rejected by an adviser and once again shows a status of In Progress.

See the Adviser Review section of this knowledgebase for more information.

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