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Assign A Staff Member To A Section

In Manage Users, you can change the respective role(s) of users. Different functionality will be made available to each user based on these settings. A single user can have multiple roles. In this case, to allow a user to edit pages, just give them the role of either Staff, Editor and/or Advisor.

1. In Manage and Design Book, click the wheel icon next to ‘Check out for editing’ and select ‘Settings’.

2. Check in the box next to Staff users to assign section.

3. If no staff users are showing up in the dialog box, go to Manage Users.

4. To be able to assign Staff to a section(s), they cannot have Adviser and/or Editor privileges as well, for anything to the left will override other privileges. For example, look at the screenshot of Manage Users for MCS. There are many users who have Editor privileges, but also have Staff, Photographer, and Viewer.

Although it doesn’t hurt to select all, you only need to select Editor, for they have the same privileges as Staff, Photographer, and Viewer plus additional abilities.

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