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Custom Clipart

Adding Your Own Clip Art for Use in Your Book

TIP: If you would like to create and add your own clip art, it should be saved as a .PNG file, with enough resolution to provide good print quality. We recommend an approximate size of 1200 x 1200 pixels, which will allow you to scale the clip art up to 4 inches square while maintaining good print quality. For irregularly shaped clip art, the background should be transparent.

All clip art from the Studio Source Yearbooks Content Catalog is already sized correctly, ready to be uploaded to your book.

  1. To upload your clip art from your computer, select the folder you want to upload your clip art into, then click the Upload button at the top of the tab.

2. Next, click Add Files, and locate the Clip Art files that you want to upload. Select the specific Clip Art files you want to upload, then click Open to start the upload process.

3. Progress indicators will provide status during the upload process, and you will be notified when it is complete.

To Preview Clip Art in a larger window and change the Caption, click the Preview/Info icon, at the top right of any photo thumbnail. The Preview/Info dialog will appear.

To change the name of the Clip Art, type the new name into the Caption field.

4. Navigate to the Advanced Design editor and in the Clip Art tab, locate the folder that contains your newly uploaded clip art. Drag and drop your custom clip art onto your pages.

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