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Copying Your Cover

How to Copy your Design from One Cover type to your Second Cover Type

For books with split binding (your book will be printed in both a Hard Cover and Soft Cover version), you will see both cover types ready to be designed in the yearbook ladder.

Instead of designing one cover and trying to recreate your design on your second, you’ll just make one design and copy that design over to your other cover type.

After you’ve designed your first cover, select Settings (gear icon) on your first Cover section. Click the Copy Cover option.

This feature allows you to copy the design from one cover type (such as Hard Cover) and select another cover type to transfer it to (such as Perfect Bound).

Important! Each cover type has a different specification as required for printing. Once you’ve copied a design from one cover type to another, be sure to review each cover to make sure all design elements are properly aligned, and that they appear within the safe area as expected.

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