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Alerts & Warnings

When an error on the page occurs, an Alert dialog will appear, containing a description of the error and information about how to correct it.

  • Alert Icon
    • Once you dismiss the dialog, a yellow Alert icon will appear on the page at the location of the error. Until the errors have been resolved, the message text will be available by clicking the Help icon at the top left of the page. A message indicator on the Help icon will indicate when there is a new error. Note: An icon may signify that there is more than one issue.
    • Alert icons will disappear once the issues have been corrected.
  • Common errors include:
    • You have a low resolution photo. Choose a different photo or reduce the size of the photo frame.
    • You may have placed a text frame too close to the edge of the page. We recommend you move the text box inside the gray ‘safe area’ to ensure that it will not be trimmed off in production.
    • Your pages may have been rearranged, and affect a frame (photo or clip art) that was on both sides of the spread. This frame now displays a warning icon. Please review and make any changes.
    • You may have a Portrait photo that is being overlapped by another photo or design element.

IMPORTANT! When an error occurs on the page, it’s very important that you locate and correct it before submitting your final book. You will be responsible for any uncorrected errors that show up in the final yearbook. 

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