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Adding New Sections

Adding New Sections to Your Book

Start configuring your yearbook in the software clicking the New Section button (just above your book ladder) to add a new section to your yearbook.

  • Section Name
    • The section name is referenced in the Section Name column and should represent the subject of the section. Note that you can also change the section name later at any time.
  • Section Type
    • Select Pages as the section type for all main sections of your book.
  • Pages
    • Enter the number of pages you would like to have in this section of the book. You can add more pages to the section at any time.
  • Color Code
    • The Color Code will be used to identify the new section in the yearbook ladder. The software will select a new color automatically, or you can click on the color swatch and choose a different color from the color picker.
  • Theme
    • Finally, choose a Theme for the section from the dropdown menu. The theme will be automatically applied to pages in your section, giving you a great head start on the design. You can make any changes that you’d like later. If you don’t want to start with a theme, and would instead prefer blank pages, choose None from the menu.

When you’re finished configuring your new section, click OK. The section will now appear in the Section Name list and on the yearbook ladder. Page numbers will be added automatically.

Repeat this process for each new section in your yearbook.

TIP: You can drag-and-drop the sections in the Section Name column to rearrange your yearbook. However, you cannot do this if the change will affect a section that is currently checked out by another user.

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