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The Color Picker

Adding Custom Colors to the Color Picker

You can select custom colors from other elements on the page, and add them to the bottom row of the color picker.

To select a custom color for your border, click on the Eyedropper tool at the bottom of the color picker, then while still holding down your mouse button, move the cursor around the page to a color you would like to use.

Let go of the cursor when you have found a color you like.

Next click the Paint Bucket tool to load the color, then click the swatch you’d like to fill with your new custom color. The color will now be available in the color picker to use throughout your book.

Click Apply to close the dialog and apply your changes to the current photo. Click Apply All to close the dialog and apply your changes to all photos in the current spread. Click anywhere outside of the dialog to close it without making any changes.

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