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Viewing pages and moving between pages

The Editor displays adjacent pages in your yearbook. You may edit either the left or right side page, but not both at the same time.  Click on Edit to make the adjacent page active to edit.

Your book is displays as matching left-and-right side pages, as it if was opened in front of you. Notice that guidelines appear around the edge of your page – these have been set by your printing company and are not editable. The shaded red area around your page is the bleed zone – this area will be trimmed off after printing (to ensure edge-to-edge backgrounds in your printed book). The green lines are safe guidelines – keep “meaningful” content such as text or photos of people’s faces clear of these lines to ensure they are full visible on your final printed page.

Move between pages in the Editor by clicking on the < > icons next to your page.   

Click on the Pages tab to see your yearbook pages in sequence.     

Use the scroll bar under the page thumbnails to move through your book.  Click on a page thumbnail to bring it into active editing mode.
If you have permission to edit the page, it will become highlighted and available for changes.

If a page is greyed out, unavailable for editing, it indicates that either you were not given permission to edit it by the Editor-in-Chief, someone else is currently editing the page, or that the page has been sent for proofing or review.

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