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Using presets to copy visual styling

Copy styling between portrait pages or sections

Under the Visual tab, choose Apply to current page or Apply to section. Select a portrait frame, label or title on the current page, then click Save preset.
Move to another portrait page, select the same type of element, then Apply the preset. The page or section will be updated accordingly.

Note that presets can only be copied between like-type portrait frames. For instance, you cannot copy a Classic style portrait frame’s styling to apply to a Vintage style portrait.

Copy styling on individual frames

Under the Visual tab, choose À la carte mode, then select an individual element on your page.  Click the Save preset button. Select another like-type frame on the page, and Apply the preset.

You may also multi-select individual; frames on a page to apply a preset (hold Ctrl- on Windows or Cmd- on Mac then select your frames). Your portrait pages can quickly be customized using this method.

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