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Using layouts to design your pages

Applying layouts to a blank page

Layouts are predesigned pages composed of empty image frames, shapes, backgrounds and text. They are available under the Layouts tab in the page editor.

Use collections to design a series of coordinated pages, creating an entire book on a single design theme, or use a collection to design a thematic section within your book.

Access the Layouts tab in the page editor, then scroll down the collections to find a style that appeals to you..

Click into the collection to view the available pages, scrolling down to see the options.

To apply a layout to your active page, simply click on it. If your page is blank, the layout will be added exactly as shown in the preview, sized to fit your page.

If the active page has photos and text placed onto, this content will transfer to the applied layout. In the example below, the selected layout has more empty image frames that photos, so all the images are accommodated into the layout, with room for more.

The text on the page transferred to the title text frame, with the correct font and attributes added to it to match the layout.

If you add a layout that does not have the same number of image or text frames as the current page holds, a warning will appear to let you know that some of the photo or text content was removed.

You can use the Undo option (shortcut: Ctrl-Z Windows, Cmd-Z Mac) to restore your original layout if you want to recover the deleted content.

Layouts are completely editable – change the backgrounds, font attributes, frame shape and border, etc. as you like. Copy & paste existing elements on your page to add additional frames. You can try out multiple layouts on your page until you find the right one for you. 

Layout Style Guide

Each layout collection contains a style guide on the last page of the collection. Scroll to the bottom of the collection to access this page. 

Apply the style guide to an empty page to assist you to customize or create new layouts to match the current collection.

Copy/paste from one page to another,  or drag/resize these elements on the page to create your own original layouts.

Below is an example of a style sheet transformed into a new layout. Extra content has been deleted, image frames added, backgrounds resized, and text frames copy/pasted as required.

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