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Decorating your page

An extensive collection of decorative embellishments is found under Elements tab in the Editor. Scroll through the collection’s folders to explore what is available.

Click into any collection to view the selection. Scroll down using the sidebar, and drag any element onto your page.

Use the search box to locate a specific type of decoration, either within a folder or searching the entire collection as a whole.

To move back up to the top-level folders, click on the < next to the collection name at the top of the pane.

Decorations have all the same options available as photos – moving, crop/pan, resizing, border, shadow, order, shape and image effects.  A brief video tutorial is available to show you how to use image effects to change the color on backgrounds and decorative elements.

Using Backgrounds to decorate your page

The Backgrounds tab holds a collection of decorative images that may be used on your canvas, in the same manner as you would use photos.  Click on the Backgrounds tab, scroll down to view the themed collections, then click into a collection to see the available options. 

To add a background to your canvas as a decoration, drag it to your page.

You can resize and rotate it, and apply the same effects as you would to a photo – even swap out the background with another or your own photo if you like.

Tips to Use Decorations Effectively

Resize decorations using their corner handles so they resize proportionately. Using the center handles will crop the decoration.

Avoid using the Shape option. It will crop the decoration.

If an object can’t cast a shadow in the real world, don’t add a shadow to it in your layout. Don’t use a shadow on a silhouette, light effects, doodle or an element designed to look hand-drawn or painted, or any object that already has a shadow-type effect.

In the decorations area, you will find many elements that are colored dark blue. 

These elements have been designed for you to custom retint to match your book design. Learn more about retinting elements.

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