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Understanding your book structure

Memento Yearbook helps you organize your book into sections, where you can group thematic pages together. 

When you start your book, create thematic sections, and then add pages inside of them. When new pages are added to your book, they appear as blank white pages. These pages may be opened for editing, where you can add layouts, templates or design your page from scratch.

Why work in sections?

  • Sections help you organize your project in a flexible manner. At a glance you can see the progress on each section and how the pages relate to each other thematically.
  • Sections may be reordered in your book, and pages may be moved within or into a different section (excluding portrait pages which remain static).
  • Create sections early in your yearbook season to help you plan out your yearbook. Consult past yearbooks and your school calendar to look for recurring and special events, then create matching sections in your yearbook.
  •  Entire sections may be assigned to team members, so you’ll know who is responsible for groups of pages.
  • You’ll have less book management to do when your team is working on their pages – this is important because no one can work on pages when your book is checked out to manage its structure.
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