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Six Steps to Yearbook Completion

Feeling a little overwhelmed at the idea of building an entire yearbook? Here are six easy steps to get you over the start line on your way to a successful yearbook project.

Step 1: Take a tour of Memento Yearbook

Enjoy a a demo video tour of the features of your yearbook building tool. Investing a little time in an overview will save you hours of self-teaching frustration.

Step 2: Yearbook Organization

Create sections to organize your book into manageable smaller projects. Consult past yearbooks and your school calendar to see what activities and groups will be included in the book. Learn about your book’s structure and section management.

Step 3: Photo collection

Under the Yearbook Photo Albums tab, create albums to match your sections, and upload any photos you have on hand. If you need to get photos from your school community, use the Community Albums to receive photos from people not working directly on the yearbook.

Step 4: Create a simple design plan

Keeping your design plan simple is an effective way to manage your production time. The more decisions made before page design begins, the quicker you can build your book.

  • Create a simple 2-4 color palette, or focus on your school’s colors.
  • Preselect a small collection of coordinating backgrounds. Use one style per section or theme the entire book.
  • Limit your clipart to a specific style or theme to avoid clutter.
  • Select a font styling for your page titles and paragraph text, either on a per section basis or for the entire book.

Step 5: Get photos onto pages

Drag and drop photos on your pages quickly without attempting to create a layout. Put them into position after you see what is available on the page. Use premade layouts to quickly arrange the photos on your page, or simply drag them into a quick arrangement, even jumbling them if you like.

Step 6: Decoration

Only if you have the time and the creative energy, tweak your designs with clipart or other decorative features. Remember that the photos are the main point of your yearbook, so keep these front and center – you don’t need to hunt for hundreds of pieces of clipart to complete your book.

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