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Password Reset

If you are an Editor-in-Chief designated by your studio as a primary contact person, you will have received a welcome email to log into the Studio Source Dashboard. Log into the Dashboard to access Memento Yearbook directly from your front page. Do NOT reset your password or the automatic login link will no longer work.

If your account was created by an Editor-in-Chief and included an email address, you may use the password reset link on the login screen.

Click on the Forgotten your password link – an email will be sent to your account, allowing you to reset your login password.

If you don’t receive this email, first check your spam/junk email folder to see if it was misfiled. If it cannot be found, speak to your Editor-in-Chief about a manual password reset (as described below).

If your account was not set up with an associated email address, ask an Editor-in-Chief to go to Manage Team, then Edit your account, using the Reset Account Password option.

The Editor-in-Chief may reset the password and provide you with the new login info.

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