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Limits to the number of pages in your book

When your publisher sets up your yearbook, they will assign a book project/type to your project. The assigned product sets up the correct pages sizes as well as the minimum and maximum number of pages allowed in your book. 

The maximum number of pages is displayed at the bottom of the book manager so you can keep track of your progress.

In the following example, the yearbook has been assigned a book product with a minimum of 40 and a maximum of 90 pages.

When the book is under the minimum number of pages required, you will see an orange warning:

If the book is the allowable number of page, you will see a page limit in black. There is still room for additional pages in this example.

If there are too many pages in your book, you will see a warning in red: 

If you try to submit your yearbook for printing with an incorrect number of pages, you will be blocked from doing so until the matter is fixed, either by adding or removing pages as required.

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