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Managing Team-Built Books

Formal proofing and review of your yearbook occurs on the Studio Source Dashboard.
The tools described below are simply useful ways to help manage your page design process, particularly for team-built books. Consult the article entitled Submitting & Proofing Your Yearbook for full details on how to conduct a formal review process.

Page Review on the Book Ladder

Memento includes tools to help complete pages when the book is being built by a large team, such as a teachers working with a group of students. Junior team members may submit their assigned pages to be approved by Editors/Editors-in-Chief.

To send a page to the Editor/Editor-in-Cheif, hover over the page to access the top-right menu, then choose Submit Page for review.

A submission form will appear, where the team member may add comments or questions for the reviewer.

After the page has been submitted, the page will display a blue dot over it, and indicate its status when hovered over by all Staffer-level team members.

The page is no longer editable in this state by any team member.

When an Editor/Editor-in-Chief views the book ladder, pages submitted for review will appear with the same blue dot over them. Editors/Editors-in-Chief will see a Review button when they hover over the page.

Clicking on the Review button will open a form, which includes a large preview ofthe page and any comments submitted.

The Editor/Editor-in-Chief must add a comment, then choose to reject or approve the page as proof-ready.

If the Editor/Editor-in-Chief has designated the page as complete, the page will display an orange dot over it, indicating that no further work is required on the page and that it is locked for editing.

If rejected, a page will display a red dot over them.

Rejected pages are fully editable. New comments are displayed before the page opens in the editor.

Even after designated as complete, an Editor/Editor-in-Chief may still reject an approved page to make it editable.

To reject an individual page on the ladder, access its top right menu, then choose Reject page.

Reject a whole section at a time, or the entire book from the section and book menus.

The section menu is available on the right side of the section title bar, and the book menu is located at the bottom of the screen.

Note the book must be checked out to access these options.

Viewing Page Comments

To view page comments, hover over the page, access the page menu in the upper right corner of the page, and choose View comments.

The comment history for the page will be displayed.

New comments may not be added without a page submission or rejection.

Book Preview Mode

]To view larger, clean previews of your pages directly on the ladder, toggle the Book Preview button at the bottom of the page.

PDF Previews

PDF previews may be generated for a single page, a single section or the entire book. Access the page, section or book menu to generate a pdf preview in a new browser tab.

This view provides a decluttered view of your work without the distractions of the Editor tools. The PDFs may be shared with external proofreaders, either as email attachments or as low-quality printouts on your local printer. For instance, you may wish to send the student portraits to their homeroom teachers to check for spelling mistakes.

The pdf displays as a screen-resolution watermarked proof on a new web browser tab. Change the viewing options using the tool bar at the top of the page and scroll down to view multiple pages. Download or print the pdf proof using the icons at the top of the page, so you may share the page(s) with proofreaders who do not have access to Memento Yearbook directly.

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