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Shadow options for images & shapes

Select one or more image frames on your page, then click on the Shadow tab to view the Shadow menu.

Use the toggle to turn on the shadow. By default, a small black offset shadow will be added to the selected image(s).

Shadow color may be adjusted by clicking on the color chip. Use the color slider to pick a new color, move the color selection point to a new area on the color gradient, or manually enter the RGB, HSL or HEX value for a color (use the toggle to move between modes).

Shadow transparency controlled using the second slider, or the A (alpha) value under the RGB or HSL values.

You may adjust the level of shadow blur, making the shadow crisp or very diffuse. Playing with blur can give the effect of luminescence or a second underlay frame.


You may adjust the shadow’s depth, making the frame appear as though it is floating high over the page.

You may adjust the angle of the shadow, to make the light source appear to come from a different location.

Shadows can be used to make a diffuse light glow, a modernist hard edge effect, or stacks of photos on a page. Be creative!

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