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Grouping items on your page

Groups enable multiple items to be resized and repositioned proportionately.

To create a group, multi-select items on your canvas.

  • To select specific items, click on one item, then hold the Ctrl (Windows) or Cmd (Mac) key down on your keyboard, then select additional items.
  • To select all items on your canvas, click and drag your mouse over the entire canvas.

Create a group by clicking on Group, then Group Frames. All selected items will now appear with a single set of resize handles.


Groups may be resized proportionately using the corner handles. And they can be resized length and width wise by using the side, top and bottom handles – click and drag on the group frame handles to do so!

The group can be repositioned as a single object and rotated too. Select the group and drag it to a new position on the canvas. Note that only text size remains unaffected during a resize.

Click Ungroup to remove the common selection – you may then adjust the individual elements again.

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