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Formatting portrait pages (overview)

When your portrait panel pages are first created, they appear in a default formatting. Editors-in-Chief and Editors with permission may customize portrait pages.

To open a portrait page section in the Editor, hover over one of the pages, then click Edit.    

Once the page is opened in the editor, click on the Portraits tab on the left-side menu, then Check Out your book. All formatting changes that may cause the number of pages to increase or decrease require you to check your book out because it may affect the number and position of pages in your book. Portrait pages may be decorated without checking the book out.

Change the formatting of your portrait pages in the Portraits tab – your grid formatting, label style, colors, knockout frames, page title, feature frame, spacing & margin options… customize your page as much as you like.

The Portrait editor is divided into three sections – Layout, Visual and Knockout.

  • Layout changes the grid, label and title position and options.
  • Visual allows you to apply styling attributes (frame border, fonts, colors, etc.),
  • Knockout lets you manually reconfigure your grid to create spaces on your page.

Layout options

Layout options change the basic configuration of your page. Click on Show Advanced Options to see the entire range of choices.

If your portrait panel section is comprised of more than one page, then you may apply layout changes to all pages or a single page.

Select Apply to this page only in the Layout settings to only change the selected page. Select Apply to section to make changes to every portrait page in the section.

The Layout tab enables you to change label placement and formatting,

page title placement and content,

the general layout and distribution of the portraits:

And the portrait margins:

Visual options

Visual options change the style properties by clicking on parts of your portrait grid to access editors, such as the border editor, fill, shadow, frame shape, image effects, and text options.

Changes may be applied to individual frames using the à la carte option:

to the current page in your portrait section:

or to every page in the portrait section:

Labels, page titlesportrait images & their frames may all be customized.


Make space in your grid by turning off portrait frames using knockouts. Turn Knockout mode on, then click on a portrait you wish to “knock out” of the way.

Once you’ve created your knocked-out area, you can add photos, decorations or custom text to your page to fill it.

Learn more about knockouts.

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