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Formatting portrait page grids

Change the configuration of your grid in the Portrait editor.

Rows & Columns

To change the number and configuration of portraits on your page, use the Layout tab’s column and rows option. In the example below, the homeroom group spills on to a second page. Adding an extra row condenses the entire class onto a single page.

The general configuration of the portrait grid can be further refined under the Layout tab’s Formatting portrait page grids  area.

Set how the last row of the panel is aligned in relation to the book’s spine.

Change the spacing between the rows and columns. Reduce the size to bring the rows and/or columns closer together, or increase the size to push the rows and/or columns apart. Note that spacing changes will affect labels – providing more or less room to display the text. (Values are in inches.)

Change the distance of the portrait grid from the page sides with the margin option. Reduce the size to bring the panel as close as possible to the page sides or increase the size to push the panel away from the page sides. Note that margin changes may affect label placement. (Values are in inches.)

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