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Featured teacher portraits (enlarged in grid)

Teachers’ portraits are often featured on their classroom pages. A featured portrait occupies a 2×2 space at the front of the portrait grid.

Memento Yearbook automatically features portraits assigned to the role of “Teacher.”

To achieve this effect, follow these steps…

First, under Manage Portraits, locate your staff members.  Ensure that your homeroom teachers are assigned to the same grade, teacher and/or homeroom category as their students.

Next, select one or more homeroom teacher, then click on Assign Role. Set these portrait(s) to Teacher.

Role assigns information under the categories of role, department, title and priority.

Open your classroom portrait page in the Editor.  Your portrait page will detect any image assigned to the role of Teacher. It will also use the portrait’s priority category to break alphabetical order on your portrait page – portraits with a higher priority will automatically be placed before portraits with a lower priority (or no assigned priority).

In the example below, there are two teachers at the start of the grid. Note how they are out of alphabetical order – this tells us they have higher priority than the students. The Feature option is set to off, so the teacher portraits are the same size as the rest of the portraits.

Turn the Feature Frame toggle on, then Update the layout. The teacher’s portrait is now larger than the others.

However, in this example, there are two teachers in the portrait grid – but only one of them is larger. If a teacher portrait is not becoming larger when Feature is on, then check the portrait database to find out what is different about this portrait.

Most likely, the portrait was not set to the role of Teacher. For our example, in the Manage Portraits tab, it appears the second teacher was assigned the role of Assistant Teacher. As such, she has a lower priority than the primary teacher (4 versus 3), which places her portrait in the second position in the grid, which is desirable. But because she doesn’t have the role of Teacher, she was not put into a featured frame.

To fix this, reassign her to the role of Teacher but keep her priority at 4 to maintain her position in the grid.

As soon as this information is changed, both teacher portraits will update to featured, in the correct order.

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