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Additional Resources

The Studio Source Catalog

Access thousands of backgrounds and clipart for free! Search for particular styles, themes, and colors to create a stylish yearbook, with no fear of copyright or resolution issues.

Year-in-Review Pages

Studio Source offers all clients a selection of premade Year-in-Review pages which may be added as full page backgrounds to your yearbook. News, sports, entertainment and other topics are covered with copyright-cleared images.

The 2020-2021 collection is currently available. New pages will be published in winter 2022.

All About Me Pages

Add a page or two in your yearbook that may be personalized by the book’s owner. They can write in their name and interests to capture their year.

Title/Word Art Tool

Create custom page titles, grade headers, and word art using

Crossword Puzzle & Word Search Generator

Create a 20-word crossword puzzle or a basic word search, which may be downloaded as a PNG file to use in your book.

Advanced Word Search

For a more creative puzzle, we can help! Click on the link below to access form where you can specify your words, puzzle shape, colors, and fonts.

Your puzzle will be emailed back as a PNG file to add to your book as if it were a piece of clipart.

QR-Code Generator

If you wish to link content posted on a website to your printed yearbook, generate a QR Code graphic to add to your yearbook. One free service we suggest is QR Code Monkey, since it allows for customization and creates a png file to upload to your yearbook.

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