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Creating portrait pages with quotes / text under the labels

Graduating class portrait pages often include text under the portraits, containing a quote, special memory or other information about the student. To set up this style of page, follow the steps below.

1. Launch your portrait page in the Editor – click on the Portrait tab, then unlock the book.

2. Under DESIGN, adjust the number of rows and columns. The lower the number of rows and columns, the wider the photos will be, which will give you more space under the image for your custom text. Three to four rows and columns will work best. Also, use the Classic template for best results.


3. Under the ADVANCED options, set your row spacing to the maximum allowable spacing – 0.5 inches. Column spacing may be set according to your taste.


4. Under LABELS, set the Label Fine Tune to 0 – this will push the name label up as close as possible to the portrait.


5. Click of the labels on page itself – this will select all labels on the page.


6. Cick on the TEXT option over the page. Reduce the size of the label font (to create more room), and, if you want to make the name more prominent. bold it, and/or add a color using the color swatch.


7. After applying these changes, the results will look like this, depending on the number of rows & columns used.


8. Create a text frame to position under the first portrait, and add placeholder text formatted with your choice and size of font. Copy (windows: Ctrl-C mac: Cmd-C) and Paste (windows: Ctrl-V mac: Cmd-V) this text frame under the other frames so you can get the alignment correct. If you need to nudge the frame outside of the snapping, just hold the Ctrl button on your keyboard while moving the frame with your mouse.

The results, ready for custom text:

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