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Creating a Yearbook Photo Album

Note: There is a tutorial video at the bottom of this article

Yearbook Photo Albums are used to store photos that will be used directly in the Editor to build your pages. Images are uploaded to Yearbook Photo Albums by the yearbook design team. Images received from the wider school community via a Community Photo Album may be transferred into a Yearbook Photo Album so the photos may be used in the yearbook.

To create an album, click on Yearbook Photo Albums on the left-side menu.

Tip:  Not all team members may have permission to manage albums. All Editors have full permission to create albums; Staffers may be given permission by the Editor-in-Chief.

To create an album to hold your photos, click on + New Album…

then type in the album name…

and click Add Album. The new album will appear as a blank tile, ready for you to add photos to it.

Tip: Create Albums based on your section or page themes to help build your project more efficiently.  Uploading your images into thematic collections will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to build your pages, since you won’t need to hunt for the photos in a large collection of images.

Tutorial Video:

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