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Book status and submission deadlines

Editors-in-Chief and Editors can review the book’s Status Report under the Admin section, on the side menu.

This overview shows the completion of the state of your yearbook, including deadlines.

Yearbook Milestones

Your studio will work with you to decide on due dates to ensure that you will receive your book on time. 

Deadlines are set for both the Cover and the Book contents. It’s important to honor these deadlines to ensure the printing company has enough time to print and assemble your yearbook.

Status Report

The completion status of your book is outlined in detail, showing you the number of pages at each step of the process.

  • Not Started:  Blank pages that have been added to your book, but not edited.
  • In Progress: Pages that have been edited, but not completed or sent to review.
  • Ready for Review: Pages that have been flagged as completed and submitted to the Editor(s)-in-Chief and Editor(s) for approval/comments.
  • Ready for proofing: Pages that have been reviewed and approved by an Editor-in-Chief or Editor, ready to be moved through to the final proofing process.
  • Rejected: Pages reviewed but rejected by the Editor-in-Chief or Editor. These pages require more editing and then, to be resubmitted again.
  • Approved for printing: Pages have been approved and are ready to be sent to the Studio Source dashboard for final proofing.

Note that in Edit Book, you may use the Highlight feature in the book preview mode to display pages by their progress/proofing status, immediately putting focus on areas that need your attention.

Number of pages

Your studio will will work with you to specify the minimum and maximum number of pages allowed for your book.

Your local Editor-in-Chief is the person responsible for setting up other team members and approving/rejecting pages.
Learn more about team management.

If you have questions about your deadlines and page allowances, contact your studio directly.

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