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Page Management

To manage your pages within a section, first Check Out the book. Only Editors-in-Chief and Editors may check out the book.

Adding Pages

Add one or more pages at a time to any section of your book.

First, check out the book.

Next, adjust the number of pages to add per click – this option is at the bottom of the screen under the Add Pages option.

By default, two pages are added per click, but you may adjust this to any value you want.

To add a page, click on the + icon beside the pages. The additional page(s) will be inserted at that point.

In the example to the right, a single page is added when the + icon is clicked.

Add a greater number of pages into a section to build a section more quickly. In this example, four pages were added when the page + icon was clicked.

After adding pages, a “ghost” page may appear at the front of a section. This is the last page of the previous section, and is always a left-side page. It occurs when a double-spread has been split across sections.

The ghost page is shown as a visual reference to help guide design choices at the start of the new section.

Moving Pages

A dotted handle icon is displayed under pages which may be moved.

Candid pages may be moved freely around the book.

To move a page, click down and drag on the dot-handle under a page. Drag it to its new position.

Candid pages may be dragged between sections.

Note that you may close section drawers by clicking on the V next to the section name – this is useful if you need to move a page to a section that is far away from its current section.

Portrait pages may not be moved, because their order is determined by the portrait wizard and other formatting choices. To change the order of portrait pages, return to the portrait wizard to select a new group order, or add/remove groups to change the portrait flow.

Deleting Pages

To delete a page, hover over it to select it, then click on the top-corner page menu (the … icon). Choose Delete from the menu options.

The page will be permanently removed from your book.

Deleting a page cannot be reversed or undone. Once deleted, there are no means to restore pages – technical support services cannot restore lost pages.

Duplicating Pages

To duplicate a page, hover over a page so that it is selected. Click on the page menu (… icon), then choose Duplicate from the menu options.

A new copy of the page will appear next to the original.

Use page duplication to create a template to reuse in other sections of your book. Set up a page as the master layout, then duplicate it as many times as you need to get uniform formatting on multiple pages. Customize the duplicated pages as required.

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