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Adding Page numbers

Editors-in-Chief may add and customize page numbering that will appear in your final printed yearbook.

To add page numbers, open any page in the Page Editor.  Once launched, select Page Number from the left-hand menu.

You will be prompted to Check Out the book.

Turn on page numbering – a number will appear in the bottom corner of your pages – this accurately depicts where the page number will be displayed on your final printed page.

Customize your page numbers – choose where they will be displayed on your pages… either the outer edge

or the center bottom.

Customize the font by clicking directly on the page number on the currently selected page, then click Text at the top, or double-click to open the customization tool.

Note that all the page numbers across the book will have the same attributes, so use a neutral colour.

When you have completed making changes, Check In the book. Your page numbering preferences will be saved.

To restart the customization process, turn page numbering back off, then on again.  The default page numbering will be reset.

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