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Adding images to your page

Adding photos directly to your page

Click on the Photos tab on the left side options. A list of your Yearbook Photo Albums will appear – scroll down, if required, to locate your photo album.

Click into your photo album of choice. Your photos will appear on the left side pane. Scroll down if required to find the photo(s) you need to add to your page. 

To add a photo to your page, drag then drop it it onto a blank part of your page. It will appear in a default frame size with resize & cropping handles on the selected photo.

Photos appear in albums with their file names displayed underneath them by default. Click on the menu icon next to the album name to display sorting and display options.

Options include to show/hide the file names, show only the photos that you uploaded, sort the photos by file name or their upload date, and to display the images in ascending (A-Z, first to last) or descending (Z-A, last to first) order.

To move back up to your albums, click on the < next to the current album.

To locate a photo using part of its filename, type into the search box. You can search all albums or only photos within a particular album.

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