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Submitting Your Finished Book for Proofing

Once you have all your pages set up, you can do a quick preview by clicking the Preview Full Book button. This will show you a preview of each page in the order that they are in.  Your other options are:

  • Preview PDF– This will allow you to download a low res version of the book to preview
  • Finalize and Submit– Select this option only when your yearbook is complete and you are ready to submit to your Studio Source Yearbooks dashboard for final proofing. 

Submitting your book:

Click Finalize and Submit. You will get a notification stating that this action cannot be undone. (If during proofing you decide to reject your book for further edits, SSY will be able to unlock your book for you to go back in and make changes). Check “I understand and wish to continue” and press the green OK button to submit to your Studio Source dashboard for proofing or Cancel to return to your editing functions.

If you reject the book because edits/corrections need to be made, you will simply reject the book in your Studio Source dashboard and a customer service member will unlock your book in your yearbook software so that you will be able to make make changes, and repeat the steps above to re-upload your project.

If you approve the book and you have permission to place an order, the  “Order” button of the proofing screen will become active. If you do not have ordering permission, your school photographer will place the final order for you.

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