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By default, your PLIC Books account will come preloaded with clipart that can be used to help design pages inside the yearbook. To upload your own clipart:

  1. Press the green plus sign to Create a New Album
  2. Type in the Album Name and press the green OK button. Or press the red Cancel button to close without saving
  3. Press the gray Upload button
  4. To upload individual images, press the green Select File(s) button to browse out and select these images
  5. To upload a folder of images, press the green Select Folder button to browse out and select your folder of images Note: If your folder of images has subfolders inside of it, check off “Also include files within sub-folders” to include these folders in your upload process
  6. Press the green Start Uploading folder to start uploading your images
  7. Once finished uploading, you will get a notification saying Uploads Finished
  8. To Delete a specific image, hover over this image and press the red X button
  9. To Delete an entire sub-folder of clipart, press the red X button in your top menu
  10. To Rename your folder of clipart, press the blue Edit button in your top menu
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