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Manufacturing Check & Internal Review

Unless otherwise specified, all yearbooks receive a free technical review by Studio Source Yearbooks. The review takes place after the proof has been approved on the Dashboard and prior to an order being placed on the proof. The review is usually completed well within 1 business day. If no issues are found, the proof is approved to order. If issues are found, review notes are sent to the primary studio contact person.

IMPORTANT: Studio Source’s manufacturing check and internal review does not guarantee an error-free book. We offer a technical review to catch issues that may be perceived as manufacturing errors. Portrait labels are not reviewed for accuracy, text is not proofread for typos and grammar errors, and design feedback on layouts are not offered other than in a technical capacity, as per the criteria listed below. The customer who approves the proof is solely responsible for the proof’s final approval as print-ready and certified error- and omission-free, certifying that they have carefully reviewed the proof for accuracy of all text, image placement, design choices, portrait inclusions/exclusions, and name attributions in the book.

A universal opt-out of all checks and reviews is available under a studio account’s Details tab in the Dashboard. Certain in-studio publications are opted-out of all reviews as well. For more information, please contact the Studio Source Support Team.

Manufacturing Check

Unless otherwise indicated by an all-review opt-out, a manufacturing check is run on all books. The following technical issues are reviewed:


  • The school/organization’s name and the year are displayed and verified to be error-free.
  • All feature images and text are placed at least 1/4″ from the page trim line and spine margin.
  • All images are high-resolution and not cropped awkwardly in their frames.
  • Backgrounds extend to the full bleed edge of the cover.
  • The background transitions smoothly over the spine area, with no color-blocking to the spine guidelines or mis-matched backgrounds at the spine.
  • Spine text only appears on hard cover or perfect bound books over 72 pages, perfectly centered and no more than 70% of the spine width.


  • Backgrounds run to the full bleed edge of the page.
  • Featured images and backgrounds are not noticeably low-resolution.
  • If the book has page numbering, the numbers are at least 0.5″ from the page edge.
  • No fragments of content from the previous page are visible near/outside the trim area of the outside page edge.

COPYRIGHT:  All background & featured images used in a decorative capacity free of watermarks and copyright violations.

Internal Review

Full internal review is an opt-in service, designated by the studio.  In addition to the items listed above in the manufacturing check, the proof will be additionally checked for the following:


  • Borders around the page edges are minimally 0.25″ from the trim edge.


  • Banner graphics run through to the full bleed edge of the page.
  • Images and backgrounds are more carefully checked for resolution issues.
  • Page number styling is consistent throughout the book.
  • Featured image and text are at least 0.25″ from the page edges.

The following items are not reviewed in detail, but will be mentioned as a courtesy if noticed in passing through the book during review.

  • Empty text or image frames.
  • Obvious typos in page titles.
  • Obvious issues with portrait grids (eg. student in a featured teacher position).

Studios may opt-in their schools on the Dashboard’s Settings menu.  Select individual schools or all schools from the dropdown menu. Be sure to review your school’s deadlines and hard copy proof request status while in this tab then  contact supportto update your books. The more accurate the information we have for your schools, the more likely they will receive their books on time.

Why Studios Receive Review Notes

Reviews are offered as a courtesy check for our studios. If you do not want to receive a manufacturing check nor an internal review on your book(s), you may opt-out of this service entirely.

Reviews are sent to the primary studio contact person and not to customers directly for the following reasons:


  • Studios are able to communicate with their schools more quickly to explain review notes and procedures.
  • Advisers may submit their book then vanish. Studios may have additional contact people at the school to ensure that there is follow-up to move the book towards production.
  • Studio Source may not have the most up-to-date school contact person, but studios usually do.
  • Fewer points of communication mean less chances for a lost email.
  • Following up on a review is more efficient if our team has a central point of contact at the studio, rather than hundreds of individual school contacts.


  • Studios know their schools better than we do and can determine what their adviser is willing and able to do to correct their book.
  • Some school advisers may be irritated to receive a critique of their book. Studios know which of their advisers may be approached with corrections, which issues may be skipped, and which issues are best corrected by a studio employee.
  • Studios may choose to be their customer’s “support hero” to help them through the final steps of getting their book to print.
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