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Interior Page Design Guide

Our manufacturing process requires that incoming files meet certain specific design specifications, unique to each yearbook size and binding type. Inside page files must be FULL BLEED for all yearbooks, regardless of size or type.

Dimensions & Margins

Your interior page dimensions (length, width) are automatically preset based on the book type – usually trimmed to an 8.5″×11″ finished size. For more information on exact measurements for each book type, check out the Design Specifications below.

  • A. Bleed Area – Represented above by the pink border; Allow .125″ to be trimmed off the final printed page to ensure edge-to-edge printing
    • Note: All background images or content purposely spilling off the page edges (eg. shapes, banners) must extend through the pink bleed area to the edge of the page so that no white unprinted border appears on the final printed page.
  • B. Safe Margins – Represented above by the light gray border; indicates a “warning” area that may be slightly clipped after printing and trimming; All featured images and text should be within these safe margins (about .375″) to ensure they are not trimmed off of your final printed page
  • C. Gutter – The area between the pages; images and text cannot be placed across the gutter to appear on both sides of the double-page spread.

Tip: Learn about Cover Guidelines & Margins and how they vary depending on book type in the Cover Design article.

Design Specifications

Download the Design Specifications Guide below for more information on designing the interior pages of your yearbook.

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