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Year-in-Review Pages


Year in Review pages are offered as a free courtesy addition to your yearbook. New sets of pages are published in mid-February to mid-March, covering the previous calendar year’s events.

Please keep in mind that these pages count toward your total number of pages. 

How to add YIR pages in Memento

1. Create a new section, and add pages to it corresponding to the number of year-in-review pages you wish to include.
2. Open the first page of the section in the Editor.
3. Click Photos to access your photos then locate the Year-in-Review Photo album at the bottom of the list:

4. Double click on the year-in-review page you want to add to set it as the page background for the currently selected page.
5. Move to the next blank page in your book to add other year-in-review pages to the book.

How to add YIR pages in Pixami

  1. Log into Pixami, then go to the Yearbook tab.
  2. On the Yearbook ladder, click the New Section button.
  3. In the New Section drop-down, select Year In Review for the section type – you must specify this section type in order to get to the special content pages.

    Add as many pages as you wish to include in the section, then click OK.
  4. Next, check out the new Year in Review section by clicking on the pencil icon.
  5. Once a page launches in the Editor, you will see all the Year in Review pages in a Candids folder.
  6. Drag and drop any Year-in-Review page you want to you want to use onto your canvas. To make sure that it completely covers the page edge-to-edge in your printed book, click the extra tools arrow and then select Fill Page > Fill Page/Send to back.
  7. Repeat step 5 for each page in your Year in Review section, using whichever Year in Review templates you want to include in your book

How to add YIR pages in Plic

1. Navigate to an empty page on your page preview ladder in the editor.
2. On the right-side preview pane, open the Backgrounds folder and locate the current year-in-review folder.

3.Simply drag one of the pages onto a blank book page – it will snap to the canvas background.

Other software

Please contact support@studiosourceyearbooks.com for assistance. We can provide you Dropbox access to the content.

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