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Page Title Graphics Generator

Schools may enjoy using custom page titles in a creative font, but online software may not offer them a full range of text effects. Fortunately, there are online tools that will allow you to create your own custom PNG text graphics. We informally recommend FlamingText.com as a tool to create fun, creative page headers.

Please note that we are providing this information as a useful information only and are in no way associated with Flaming Text. We cannot provide any support or make any guarantees regarding their services or products.

FlamingText.com Step-by-Step

1. Enter the text you want to turn into a graphic

2. Select Desired Appearance

3. Select ‘Edit Logo’

4. Adjust Font Size to 200

5. Click the Background Tab and select ‘Transparent

6. Click the red “Next –>” Button’

7. Click Download to download a PNG version of your text.

8. Import the PNG to your yearbook software like you would any other piece of clipart.

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