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Memento Yearbook

1. Download the items of your choice from the Studio Source Catalog. Note that you cannot upload a zip file to Memento Yearbook – if you have downloaded content that is packaged in zip file, unzip it into a folder on your computer first.

2. In Memento Yearbook, access the Yearbook Photo Albums tab.

3. Create a folder to hold your backgrounds and/or decorations.

4. Click into your album of choice, then click on Upload Photos.

5. Locate the downloaded files on your local drive, select them and upload. You can use ctrl-A (command-A on Mac) to select all!

6. Within the Editor you’ll find your folders under the Photo tab, just like your candids. Drag-and-drop backgrounds add them to your page in separate image frames, or simply click on a background to have it fill the background of the page.

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