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Pixami Yearbook Pro

  1. Go to Manage Photos:
  2. To import backgrounds/covers (.jpg files) go to the Candids tab.
    To import clipart (.png files), go to the Clipart tab.
    NOTE: It is very important to make sure to upload backgrounds (jpg files) to the Candids tab and equally as important to import clipart (png files) the the Clipart tab. Background files added to the clipart tab will fail to upload and clipart files added to the Candids tab will lose their transparency.
  3. Whichever tab you are working in, create a New Folder for your SSY Content Catalog uploads:
  4. Open the newly created folder and then select Upload to start uploading images:
  5. Click the Add Files button to locate the content on your local hard drive. You can hold the CTRL key (Command key on a Mac) to select multiple files at once.
  6. Once you have imported your SSY Content Catalog images to your Photos tab, you can return to your book and edit the section in which you would like to use the content. You will find your content in the Candids or Clipart tab, within the folder you created. 

When you go to use your new background on a page, spread, or cover in Pixami, it is very important to use the “Fill Page > Send to Back” tool so that the image goes edge to edge on you final printed page. For more information (and screenshots) please see the article on Custom Backgrounds in Pixami.

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