Content Catalog FAQ

Is there a difference between Double Backgrounds and Covers?

In the case of the content available to you in the SSY content catalog, there is no difference between Double Backgrounds and Covers. These files are sized to be used on anything the size of a hard-bound cover or smaller. You can use these images as the background on any yearbook cover (Saddle-stitch, Perfect-Bound or Hard-Bound), across any double-page spread within your book or you can use part of it as the background on a single page. 

How do I bring content into my yearbook?

See the tab to the left that references the type of software you use for step-by-step directions on how to import content into your yearbook.

What is a clipart collection?

Instead of offering individual pieces of clipart, Studio Source decided that it made more sense to offer coordinated collections of clipart. When you look at these collections within the catalog they will look like this:
This is NOT what the file you will download will look like! The file you download will be a .zip archive that, when unzipped, will contain EACH of these individual pieces of clipart. This means that when you select the file above, you will actually be downloading sixteen (16) travel stamps in .png format. These individual .png files are what you will import and use as clipart into your software.

What if I only want one of the items in a clipart collection?

Simply download the entire collection and use what you desire. You do not need to use all of the clipart in a collection.

From the editor:

1. Select Images:

2. Click the down arrow and then navigate to the folder containing the content on your local drive:

3. Hover over the images in the image hover and add them to the canvas or as the background.

Alternatively you can drag and drop the content on to your page. To drop backgrounds, make sure to drag them to the dark area behind the canvas so that they fill the background edge to edge when printing. Click here a video example of the correct way to set a background in LumaPix Desktop.

1. From your Book Ladder, go to the Photos Tab 

2. Right click in the gray area to create a new directory

3. Once in your new directory, click Add Images to add new images. Use ctrl (command on macs) to select multiple images.

4. Once in your gallery, the images can be accessed from the photos button within the Online Editor (or the Gallery Button in the Desktop Editor)

  1. Go to Manage Photos:

  2. To import backgrounds/covers go to the Candids tab. To import clipart, go to the Clipart tab:

  3. Whichever tab you are working in, create a New Folder for your SSY Content Catalog uploads:

  4. Open the newly created folder and then select Upload to start uploading images:

  5. Click the Add Files button to locate the content on your local hard drive. You can hold the CTRL key (Command key on a Mac) to select multiple files at once.

  6. Once you have imported your SSY Content Catalog images to your Photos tab, you can return to your book and edit the section in which you would like to use the content. You will find your content in the Candids or Clipart tab, within the folder you created.