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How do I estimate the number of pages I will need?

There are several steps to take when estimating the number of pages you will need in your book.

1. The first step is to determine the number of pages you will need for your classes or grades. To do this you will first need to decide how many students you want to place on each page and then divide that number into the actual enrollment of your school. If you plan to arrange the students one page per class, just count the number of classes in your school!


2. Decide how many candid pages (snapshot pages) each class will have and add them to your total

3. Third, you will need to decide on introductory and staff pages. Do you want a page for school information? A principal’s letter? Do you want the administration to have their own picture page or do you want them to go in with the rest of the staff? Do you want one or two pages for staff? These are all decisions you need to make – and then count the pages.

4. Now you need to decide on activity pages. Generally, a single page will hold either two groups/team pictures or 4-5 candid action shots. Be sure to include enough pages for all clubs, sports and performing arts groups that your school offers. Don’t forget about special event pages!

5. Finally, think about autograph pages and any other miscellaneous pages you might need. Always add 4-8 extra pages to your total page count to be safe. Keep in mind, the cost per copy increases along with the page count. You can always revise your page count anytime before you submit your final copy for production!

How do I estimate how many books I will need?

Generally, it is safe to estimate that only 50% of the enrollment will purchase a book. Keep in mind the cost per copy decreases as the number of books in your order increases, so higher-than-anticipated sales would simply result in a lower cost per copy.

How do I determine my price per copy?

Once you have determined how many pages your book will have and how many copies you will need, you’ll want do discuss cover options and other personalization options with your studio in order to determine your price-per-copy

What is the best way to organize my book?

Using a yearbook ladder is a great way to organize your book. You can download a copy of our ladder here.
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Where can I find some examples of good page composition?

While we are working on developing our Design Center, we recommend that you take advantage of Google and Pinterest for yearbook inspiration: 

What sort of pages are typically found in a yearbook?

While yearbooks usually follow a typical layout, such as is listed below, you are welcome to lay out your book in any way you choose!

Introduction/School Identification Pages:  This page generally consists of a picture of the school, school name, address and perhaps a slogan. Some schools also include a picture of, and a note from, the Principal.

Administrative/Staff Page: Usually consists of either all of your staff or staff excluding teachers (if they will appear on their class pages). 

Dedication Page: This page is used for either dedications or perhaps the Principal’s letter.

Graduating Class: A standard practice is to place your graduating class pictures before the rest of the student body. These images are usually larger than the other class pictures.

Student Body: Generally these pages are organized by class or grade.

Teams, Clubs, & Groups: These images can be placed after the student pages. They consist of all the extra-curricular activites in your school. Clip art and borders are very effective for these page layouts and can be used to enhance the theme of each page

Candid & Activity Pages: These are you “fun” snapshot pages, etc. This is a good place to include images of special events throughout the year, such as field trips, fundraisers, performances, etc.

Advertising Section: This is typically where ads and thank you’s appear in the Yearbook. These pages can also be used for parent dedications.

Autograph pages: Be sure to leave enough room for students to sign their yearbooks!!

Where do I get a PSPA CD?

Typically, your photographer or photography studio will provide you with a PSPA CD. If you do not receive one, reach out to them and ask how you might get one.  

Where can I find Yearbook sales posters and envelopes?

You can download the Money Collection Envelope order form here. Contact us at and we can help you order these as well as posters.